Total Quality and Industrial Management, Data Analysis, Quantitative Modeling, Probabilistic and Deterministic Methods, Advance Reliability Engineering, Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance, Advanced Production and Inventory Control, Reliability Engineering, Nonparametric Statistics, Stochastic Processes and Applications.


Fundamentals of Work Study and Ergonomics, Financial Decision Making, Systems Modeling and Simulation, Production Planning I, Facilities Planning and Design, Quality Engineering, Production Planning II, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Optimization Theory, Probabilistic Models, Applied Computational Methods for Engineers, Production Planning and Scheduling, Applied Queueing Theory, Decision Making and Forecasting.


Fundamentals of Mathematics, Computer Fundamentals & Programming, Basic Physics I, General Mathematics I, General Mathematics II, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Basic Physics II, General Mathematics III, Mathematical Analysis I, Statistics & Probability I, Mathematical Anaysis II, Specialized English Language of Mathematics, Advanced Programming, Statistics & Probability II, Mathematical Logics, Differential Equations with Partial Derivatives, Data Structure, Operayional Research I, Theory of Graph & its Application, Complex Functions, History of Mathematics, Numerical Analysis I, Fundamentals of Geometry, Time Sequences I, Numerical Analysis II, Theory of Differential Equations, Algebra I, Random Processes.

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